My Approach

Listening: The most important writing skill

Some writers believe that their most important skill is putting two words together, but I think listening is the more important skill. I'm passionate about gaining a true understanding of your strategy and market. That's what it takes to turn good ideas into great copy and concepts.

By putting time and research into understanding your business, your communications objectives, and your audience, I create copy that communicates with precision and clarity.

Words and images working together

The right copy with the right design is vital to your messaging. That’s why I’m happy to team up with your art director to review layouts and proofs -- to make certain that the words and images commmunicate in harmony. Or I can team up with one of my talented design colleagues to provide a complete solution.

Get a fresh set of eyes (and ears)

Sometimes I'm called in because deadlines loom and internal resources are swamped. Other times, it's because a freelance writer brings an extra perspective to a project.

Although I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, I can work for clients anywhere worldwide. So whether the work is piling up, or you need some fresh thinking, contact me about your next project. Call 415.924.6376 or email