portfolio: Holiday Self Promo

MMM…holiday treats!

This piece is rather old now, sent out for the 2007 holiday season as a self promotion, but I still like it – and it got a lot of great comments.

So imagine you receive a box like this:

The “mmm…” copy was a tribute to Homer Simpson (“mmm…donuts!).

Along each side of the box were various interpretations of the “mmm” concept. Believe me, it was hard to think of four of them!

This is the inside of the box, a card and a bubble-wrapped gift:

Inside the bubble wrap was a tin with another card on top of it:

Here’s the front and inside of the card:

Inside the tin? What else but M&Ms, personalized with my message. It was really hard to fit copy onto an M&M!

All in all, it was a fun project, but it was hard work to put all these boxes together. On the other hand, I ordered too many M&Ms, so I had my own stash that lasted a long time…