portfolio: Robert E. Belknap, MD

Patient guide on GERD for concierge physician

As a concierge family practice physician, Dr. Robert Belknap charges patients an annual fee to be in his practice. In turn, he offers same-day or next-day appointments, access to his cell phone number, and his own content to help patients understand complex medical issues.

One example is a guide he gives patients who suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). In it, he presents his own point of view on recognizing symptoms and steps patients can take to relieve pain.

These guides help Dr. Belknap position his practice as one that delivers quality care and adds value that’s worth the annual fee to be one of his patients.

See images below that show how this three-panel guide brochure unfolds, or read full copy in this PDF.


Flap panel:

Inside panels:

Back panel: